#1 Storage Appliance for SMB and ROBO

We help SMB and ROBO to get inexpensive high-performance primary storage for server virtualization, VDI, database, BigData scenarios, and secondary storage for backup and Disaster Recovery.

StarWind offers the Storage Appliance (SA), a high-end storage built with “best of breed” commodity components: hardware (Dell servers, Intel flash, Mellanox network gear) and software (Microsoft operating system, Veeam backup), assembled into one solution with StarWind VSAN virtual shared storage.


The trending Hyperconverged architecture doesn’t always meet business requirements of SMB and ROBO, mostly because of scaling issues. It is only possible to scale compute and storage resources together, but not leverage them independently from each other. Additionally, there is always trouble with protocol storage/consumer incompatibility and feeding the storage outside of the cluster. Typically, a storage or a consumer only support one or two uplink protocols, so it is often a challenge to create a working heterogenous setup. SMB and ROBO just don’t have the budget for experiments and the staff to manage numerous different solutions.


SMB and ROBO will benefit from a storage appliance, specially crafted for them. StarWind Storage Appliance supports the classic Converged architecture, allowing to scale compute and storage resources independently. In addition, it features multi-protocol connectivity, supporting most of the industry-standard fabrics and uplink protocols: 1 and 10 GbE, 25/50/100 GbE and InfiniBand, NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, VVols, SMB3, iSER, NVMe over Fabrics, etc. Thus, StarWind SA can easily merges into any environment. It requires little effort and no special skills from the IT team, and costs less to buy than even DIY kits to build. When ultra-high performance is required and budgets are slightly bigger, the all-flash SA model will come in handy.

Why StarWind SA?
  • It aims at SMB and ROBO in terms of simplicity and cost, being built with commodity components.

  • It reduces labor cost by 90% (no on-site IT crew work), energy consumption by 60% (less hardware) and hardware expenses by 90%.

  • It brings to SMB and ROBO what was typically associated with Enterprise: top-notch performance, features and best-of-breed components.

StarWind Storage Appliance

Switch from complexity and high cost to simplicity and low cost.

Get high-performance Enterprise-class storage at SMB and ROBO price

StarWind Storage Appliance is simple, being a storage solution specially crafted for SMB and ROBO, easily scalable and manageable even with small IT teams. It supports both scale-up and scale-out, allowing to leverage compute and storage resources independently from each other. Unifying top-of-the line software and hardware components from several known vendors, StarWind SA has one point of support, with StarWind as the "one throat to choke". There is no finger-pointing from vendor to vendor, no Do-It-Yourself tinkering – everything is pre-built, pre-tested and ready to run.

StarWind Storage Appliance lowers storage implementation cost, being assembled with commodity components. It utilizes at least 50% less hardware for the same task requiring less money to purchase and maintain, compared to DIY virtualization kits and Enterprise-aimed solutions. The on-site IT team skips 90% of work: planning, infrastructure design, components purchase, licenses purchase, installation, configuration, testing and consultations in the meantime, saving time and money. StarWind SA unifies best-of-breed components: Dell servers, Intel flash, Veeam Backup and Replication and 5nine Antivirus. They are assembled and powered by StarWind Virtual SAN, and come in a bundle at a price lower than they would be purchased separately for DIY storage building.

StarWind Storage Appliance is purpose-built for SMB and ROBO, but offers performance and features, typically associated with Enterprise-class solutions. It offers the performance-related features of StarWind Virtual SAN: Log-structuring, RAM and flash cache, deduplication and compression, etc. Additionally, it can run different applications on top of the storage, offloading the main servers and network, while taking care of data locality. As a result, the Storage Appliance helps to keep the performance high, instead of “consuming” it. StarWind SA utilizes the resources with maximum efficiency, without the typical "overkill" that Enterprise-aimed solutions and DIY virtualization kits are. The all-flash SA model for primary data and exceptional performance is still less costly than usual SSD-based storage in the market is.

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The easily-scalable, cost-efficient multi-protocol storage appliance is here for the benefit of SMB and ROBO. StarWind Storage Appliance is the pinnacle of Converged (Compute and Storage Separated) architecture, serving storage to various different consumers.

At the end of the day, you get Enterprise-class performance and features in an affordable storage appliance, specially crafted for SMB and ROBO at SMB price.

StarWind Storage Appliance